The Fair Launch of WagmiDAO

4 min readNov 17, 2021


For a launch to be truly fair, there are various ingredients that have to be put together in the right way. First and foremost, the team has to be fully transparent about it. Secondly, everyone should have the equal chance to participate from the early beginnings. We have arranged for various measures to ensure that our launch is a fully fair, transparent and smooth experience. This article lays out details on our launch, so you might want to read it carefully.

But before we start. What is the WagmiDAO? is the first multichain Reserve-backed Decentralised Exchange (RDEX) with protocol-owned liquidity. It has the native token $GMI and the stablecoin called $FAM. WagmiDAO creates a novel ecosystem and combines an AMM, Staking, Bonds and Yield Farming. The Treasury is at the center of the ecosystem, supporting a floor price of the $GMI token. All parts of the ecosystem grow the Treasury. On top of that the DAO generates yields through external protocols to further expand the Treasury. As the Treasury grows, so does the floor price of $GMI.

Sounds like a lot? You bet on it!

WagmiDAO is bringing together the best.

We have built an ecosystem by combining the most recent DeFi trends. As a DEX we aim for long term sustainable growth with strong innovative fundamentals. To get an introduction on the whole concept, read our introductory article or dive deeper into our Gitbook.

But now, let’s dig into our launch.

Safeguards for a fair distribution

To allow all users to start from the same place and to ultimately ensure a fair distribution, we have put in place a number of fore-handed measures:

  • There won’t be any seed sale, nor any private sale, or public presale.
  • To prevent bot sniping and any manipulation in this regard, the addresses of the router and main token $GMI, won’t be public until listing.
  • To further shield against bots, the launch and the listing of the $GMI token will take place at any given time between 1AM UTC on the 1st of December 2021 and 1AM UTC on the 2nd of December 2021, randomly selected by a smart contract.
  • A fair amount of liquidity (300,000 USDC) will be provided by the team preventing unreasonable volatility.
  • The UI will not be active until the launch has taken place.

This way we aim to ensure that everyone starts from the same place and that bots won’t be part of it.

Roadmap of the Launch

As stated, the launch will take place between 1AM UTC on the 1st of December 2021 and 1AM UTC on the 2nd of December 2021. Until the exact launch time is officially announced, all community groups will be muted in order to protect users from scams during this 24 hours period .

Below you can find the full roadmap of our launch, which is going to take approximately 2 hours. The given timing is an estimate and will depend on various factors (security being the top priority always):

  1. The $GMI token will be listed on our dApp.
  2. The dApp on goes live.
  3. An announcement follows immediately (the website will be active one minute before that).
  4. The user interface gets activated, meaning that the full functionality becomes available.
  5. 20 minutes after the official announcement, all community groups get unmuted.
  6. 1 hour after listing — $FAM contracts go live.
  7. 1–1:30 hours after listing — Farming and Staking go live.
  8. 1:30–2 hours after listing — Bonding goes live.

How to buy $GMI?

  • $GMI can only be bought from WagmiSwap once the dApp on goes live.
  • You don’t have to add a token address, the ticker will be available on WagmiSwap.

$GMI cannot be purchased anywhere else. Be careful of scammers and do not buy any tokens that are not swapped on our dApp.

Facts, numbers and details

10,000,000 $GMI together with 300,000 USDC will be provided as initial liquidity by the team.

80% of those LP tokens will be sent and locked in the Treasury contract.

20% of the LP tokens are kept by the team for the contribution of a fair chunk of initial liquidity.

The following pools will be available at launch (pairs are not finalized and can be due to change):


More pairs will be added after launch at the right timing.

A maximum amount available for minting will be set for the partially collateralized stablecoin $FAM at launch. This is done in order to prevent a high price impact, which would lead to front running. The maximum amount available for minting is calculated based on the amount of liquidity.

Keep yourself updated

To get a head start, make sure to read our Medium and Gitbook, follow us on Twitter, have a chat with us on Telegram and join us on Discord for a deeper discussion.





WagmiDAO is the first multichain Reserve-backed Decentralized Exchange (RDEX). It’s focused on growing its own Treasury and the value of the native token.